1. Your work is amazing…I can feel the wind as I did standing on the shores of Notre Dame Bay and the other shores of NFLD when I sailed there…..and the colours remained me of my adventures along the shores of Newfoundland……Thanks for creating this. I came by your work by way of my friend Leah Jacobs, a graphic designer in In Kuantan! You may know my friend Peter Watkins, who promotes sailing in Newfoundland through Notre Dame Bay….he introduced me to the art, the ocean and the icebergs! Quite an adventure for my first trip across Canada for a Toronto girl….

  2. A followup to the previous comment: I was searching for another Newfoundland artist whose name I’ve forgotten, and came across you. Looking at your work evokes the feeling of being there. All the vibrant colours, the whimsy, the natural world, often stark and yet amazingly beautiful.

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