1. You have so many beautiful creations, but I think this one is my favourite! Your artwork is incredible.

  2. I love your artwork, and this one in particular. Is it possible to purchase an original?

  3. Hi Adam, we want to but one of your canvases for my daughters birthday. We are in the uk and she lives in Halifax. Two questions: can her husband pick it up or do you deliver – she lives in Bedford. Appreciate you are in lockdown so not sure what is allowed. Also could she change it if she really doesn’t like our choice. She already has one of your canvases. Also does your site accept uk visa or MasterCard? Many thanks tricia

    1. Author

      Hi Tricia! I am in NL so I wouldn’t be able to deliver/have her pick up. Maybe a giftcard would be best so then she can decide?

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