1. Beautiful work, colours are amazing
    I am sorry, I never heard of your studio until now!
    From this picture on Facebook
    Great work

  2. Stunning. Loving your work. The hard part is picking one. Can’t afford them all.

  3. Really something. I myself am an artist, and always love to look at other people’s work. I am sure that living where you do inspires you a great deal as seen in your pieces. They are almost dream like. I find that they do take you somewhere else, and I think that is one of our jobs as artists. To take the people who look at our art somewhere else. Somewhere magical. Your work is not only inspiring but I think also healing because they are so colourful and full of life.

  4. Looking at this print always brings me a sense of calm. I love it and plan on getting more prints in the future! Keep up the impressive work!

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