Acrylic and ink on canvas

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  1. I love this painting. Can you please tell me the price? And would you be able to ship it to Nova Scotia? I will be in NL this summer and can possibly pick it up.
    Your work is fantastic. I love all of them. I miss home and this would be an excellent reminder to hang in my living room.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Shelley! sorry for the late reply but I’m just getting use to this new website and finally found all the messages 🙂 Sorry to say but “The Battery” is a sold out edition. Thanks again!

  2. do you sell prints of all your paintings when it says ‘sold’ – that would be the original I believe……….do you sell prints of all your work

    1. Author

      Hi Thelda,, I do not sell prints of all my paintings. This one in particular has prints but the edition is sold out. Thanks for the interest!

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