1. Hi Adam,
    My daughter, Tracey Ogilby, watched you on Facebook Live today and she is going to order your print Whale Watcher – my problem is that she originally said that she was going to also order Two Crows….but decided that she would only order one. I would like to order the Two Crows for her for Christmas but don’t want to take the chance that she changed her mind again and ordered it too! Would it be possible for you to let me know if she ordered Two Crows also? As soon as I hear from you I will place my order and I hope to do this asap in order to be able to use the Free Ship offer.

    Thanks so much,

    Gwen Ogilby

  2. Adam, I can see that you have been to Mt A. Alex Colville must have been an inspiration for you. I can see it in your crows. I left Mount Allison (I was the President) in 2001 so I would have been there for your first 2 years. The Art Department and the Owens Gallery were my favourite spots.

  3. I received my large print of the Two Crows and I’m so impressed by your work. It is beautiful and I find that the mood of the painting changes as the natural light changes throughout the day. I have never purchased art on-line before as I had fears that the article may disappoint when I received it. Somehow I didn’t have this concern when ordering this piece and I’m thrilled with it.

  4. Really like Two Crows !! My husband,Gary taught at ABU/ Crandall University for many years. He is a Professor Emeritus. We are retired now. I am a grad of nursing program at UNB 1968 . Want to order two calendars . What is price now for 2021 or do you have any left ?? Will be my first purchase but not my last !!! All three of our children attended ABU/Crandall several years ago. You probably know the six retirees of 2021 including Seth Crowell, Steve Dempster, Ivan (the libraries etc.

    1. Author

      Hi Peggy! Yes some of those names are familiar! I am actually all out of 2021 calendars, planning 2022 now 🙂

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