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  1. Adam, are there any framed two quilts left? And if so how would I view it? Thanks Denise

    1. Author

      Hi Denise! I don’t frame my work, I just sell the paper prints that you would have to take somewhere and frame. I do sell ready to hang canvases though 🙂

  2. Adam do you have cheaper prints of “Two Quilts”? I ordered one in 2017 but was only $100.00

    1. Author

      Hey Colleen, yes you got one of the paper edition but that has since sold out. The only think I have remaining for Two Quilts is the large canvas for $400..
      Thanks, Adam

  3. July 31,2018

    Hello Adam, we saw this painting in the Sandpiper restaurant in Pugwash, Nova Scotia. I love it and would like to purchase a this painting on canvas. Unfortunately, the 20×40 is too big for the room I wish to use it in. Is it possible to order one that is 15×20? And what would the cost be? Your painting really spoke to me and is the focal point of how I wish to redecorate the room. Many thanks for your time. Sincerely, Vicky Short

    1. Author

      Thanks so much! sorry to say but the paper edition has since sold out and the only version I have remaining in this image is canvas..

      1. Hi Adam, my name is Tricia Ireland. Just discovered you and your art. My mother was from Petty Harbour and your images remind me so much of her little village. Wondering if your large canvas print of this is still available? Also interested in original paintings – wondering how you sell your originals – do you give some clients a first peek?

  4. Are you going to have more paper ones of Two quilts? At what price?

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