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  1. Darlene Tate

    Beautiful work Adam

    Love the detail, colors and scenery.

  2. Tammy and Greg Buchanan (verified owner)

    This is simply gorgeous in-person! I wanted a print with icebergs & luckily, this piece has everything that reminds me of Newfoundland. The icebergs, the colourful fishing shacks, and the beautiful rainbow of reflections off the ocean! Not sure if it is a sunrise (sailor’s warning) or a sunset (sailor’s delight), but it’s left to your own imagination! Brilliant & stunning! SO many reasons why I love this piece!!

  3. Sarah

    I just returned from a week in Newfoundland and was looking for your work everywhere I went. I had given up, but in the last few hours in Gros Morne on the very last day, I went into a store that had your work. I am now the proud owner of this print. Thanks!

    • Adam Young


  4. Darlene Kenney

    I just purchased the large canvas print of this piece at the Halifax show Sept 14th. I’ve been looking at it online for months but in person…WOW ! This came home with me and I love it. It is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Karen

    Love, love, love it. Showing my husband what I want for a Christmas gift.

  6. Caroline

    Your artwork is pretty amazing. Your use of contrasting colours and the differing patterns that give texture and movement to your paintings are just beautiful! Can’t wait to go to New Foundland!

  7. Rebecca

    Are these prints signed and numbered? Love your art work.

    • Adam Young

      Hi Rebecca! They are 🙂

  8. Susan

    Hi Adam
    Is this available in the 20×20 canvas?

    • Adam Young

      It is Susan 🙂 Email me [email protected], we are having some website issues

  9. Janice

    I love this painting. Does it only come in 20 x 20?

    Thank you!

    • Adam Young

      Hi Janice! Yes it does, the paper and the large canvas has sold out

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