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  1. Kyle

    Is this piece available as print only? Would love to have it on a canvas.

    • Adam Young

      Hi Kyle,, it is available as paper or canvas.. Let me know if you need anymore help 🙂

  2. Darlene Robertson

    How much for this size on canvas?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Darlene,, the canvas of “Bluenose” is $300 for the open edition 24″ X 30″ and $450 for the 30″ X 40″ limited edition.. Let me know 🙂

  3. Dianne Murphy


  4. Kelly Janes

    Love this. Is it a wrapped canvas? Need more info so I can decide which one to order.

  5. Meredith Alexander

    Is this still availableon canvas?

  6. Carla

    Can you purchase the distressed wood frame for this print too?

    • Adam Young

      Yes I have one available if you are still interested Carla

  7. Adam Young

    Hi Robyn! Sorry, we don’t offer framing

  8. Tasha Cooper

    HOME SWEET HOME! Incredible work!

  9. Leslie

    Did the canvas with distressed wood frame sell in January or is it still available? If it’s available, what are the dimensions, price and is a pic available? VERY interested!!

    • Adam Young

      I still have it available if you’re interested.. Send me a message if you’re interested..

  10. Paul Geddes

    Hi Adam, is this the only size canvas available for this beauty?

  11. Ang

    Hi are there different sizes available in print form for purchase? If so, what prices for what sizes? Would love more info please. I’d love to purchase a small print version of this painting. Like a 5×7 or 8×10.

  12. Debbie

    Would you be bringing any of these when you come to Ottawa?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Debbie! I will 🙂

  13. Ann

    Can you give me a price for the distressed wood frame for this print?

    • Adam Young

      Sorry Ann but that piece has sold

  14. Mike Rogers

    Hi Adam, I want to buy the bluenose, I bought one already, and liked it alot, I gave it to my ex because she was moving back to NS and liked it, so I want a replacement, and I want to make sure I am buying the same piece that I can hang on my wall. Can u message me, so I can discuss what I mean, thanks Mike

  15. Mike Rogers

    Awesome work

    • Adam Young

      Thanks Mike!

  16. Fred gaulton

    Hi, just visited your web site. Beautiful work, do you paint mostly oils ?

    • Adam Young

      Thanks Fred! I use mostly acrylics 🙂

  17. Dee

    Hi I am interested in the Bluenose, but I couldn’t seem to find the dimensions for the mini?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Dee! The mini is 11×14

  18. Heather Banks

    What are tge dimentions for mini canvas?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Heather! 11×14 🙂

  19. Lo

    Hi what are the measurements of the canvas options? Thanks!

    • Adam Young

      The mini is 11×14 🙂

  20. Michael McIntyre

    What are the dimensions of the mini-canvas?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Michael! theyre are 11×14 🙂

  21. Sherry Armstrong

    Do you still have the Nova Scotia canvas 30×40 available?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Sherry! I have the 11×14 canvas, 24×30 canvas and a 30×36 canvas 🙂

  22. Jean Thomson

    Do you ship to the UK?
    If so, can you tell me the cost?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Jean! Can you email [email protected] with your full address and request a quote? Thanks! 🙂

  23. Neil Arnold

    Stunning painting.
    Do you have the 24”x29” canvas print available?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Neil! I do 🙂

  24. Jenn H.

    Have this print custom framed and hanging in my living room in Calgary. Absolutely love it and it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.

    • Adam Young

      Thank you so much Jenn!

  25. Darlene mckinnon

    How long would it take to be able to pick this up?

    • Adam Young

      Hi darlene! Send an email to [email protected] and we can help you over there 🙂

  26. Beth Norman-Roberts (verified owner)

    Had to have this to go with the PEI flag you created. I lived 5 years in NS and have such fond memories. When I look at this very unique giclee it takes me back. You are extremely talented.

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Beth!!

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