Harbour Moon


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9 reviews for Harbour Moon

  1. Bill B

    Love this. Great job Adam!

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Bill!!

  2. Ellen Ryan

    Adam, I love Harbor Moon. I have it hanging in my livingroom and never cease to admire it as I walk by.
    I have also sent a print to my niece in Dublin.
    Eileen Ryan

  3. Kim

    Does it come framed? Is paper one a heavier paper? Just asking . Not sure if I would want paper or canvas

    • Adam Young

      Hi Kim, The paper does not come framed but the canvas arrives ready to hang. Yes the paper is heavy.

  4. Moira Hogan

    I love this…

  5. Moira Hogan

    How much would it cost to ship the canvas to Alberta????

  6. Doneen Sprowl

    I am wondering if you only have prints or if originals are available ?

    • Adam Young

      Hi Doneen! I don’t currently have any originals, I do have a “first look” list where I send them. You can join by visiting my website and scrolling to the bottom of the page 🙂

  7. Suzanne Sauve

    Just disvored you. What a talent. I love all your paintings. Hopefully will have one in my house soon, just dont know which one to choose. I’m a new fan.

    • Adam Young

      Hi Suzanne! Thank you!!

  8. Stephanie Crawford

    Good Day Adam could you advise if this is still going to be available in next for a bit longer…a possible Christmas gift..for a dear friend.
    Thank you Stephanie Crawford
    Not sure I did the ratings right…5 stars please

  9. Sharon

    I am having this without a doubt. I’m in love! ❤️

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