Keefe’s Stage


12″ X 15″
Edition of 150

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5 reviews for Keefe’s Stage

  1. Sonya

    This is my dear old grandfather’s stage! He spelled his name o’Keefe, although a lot of the family or most have sadly dropped the O! The depiction of pop’s stage here, to me in this art, is sad reflection of our once thriving lobster fishery or fishery in general… like the artist I to believe this stage has feelings …

  2. Rhonda Larsen


  3. Paulette

    It looks like it’s crying! Love it!!

  4. lessia bonn

    Love the green. Awesome sauce.

  5. Jason

    Great print ….my last name is Keefe and my Father was born on Fogo Island ….I still have family there. One of the greatest place on the earth.

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