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  1. Colleen (verified owner)

    I fell in love with the puffins when I visited NL in 2018 so I had to buy this. The colours are beautiful and it makes me happy.

  2. Emma Dawe

    Hi there,

    Do you do custom work? For example, if i wanted this painting but wanted the house a different color, would that be an option?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Adam Young

      Hi Emma! Sorry, it’s not

  3. Paige McIntire, Vermont (verified owner)

    Love the vibrant colors of this piece! The ‘canvas print’ is really good quality (as is the wooden framing), the canvas isn’t too shiny. I’m very happy I purchased this fun work of art!

  4. Debbie

    I have been admiring this piece of art for quite some time as it brings me back to my roots in Newfoundland. It was given to me as a gift and is a great addition to my home. The vibrant colours are perfect with my decor. I can’t stop looking at my new playful masterpiece.

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Debbie!

  5. Tracy sewell

    How can we purchase originals

    • Adam Young

      HI Tracy! I have a “first look” list where I sent them out. I can add you email address if you would like

  6. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Wonderful addition to my wall at the cottage! The vibrant colours just make you feel happy in this time of COVID. Soooooo talented Adam

  7. Uwe Wedekind


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