Pitcher Plants



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  1. Brandy

    Everytime I see this one I take a little extra pause. I love the dark with the hints of light. Definitely speaks to me. I’m hoping to have this hanging on my walls some day

  2. Carole D.

    I absolutely am drawn to this painting, which is funny because I have never owned a flower painting ever, nor have I longed for one..but this one is different.
    From the first time I set eyes on this beautiful piece of art, I became obsessed with it; always coming back to take another look. Maybe in this time of Covid and seeing that bright light amidst the deep, dark purple subconsciously makes me happy!! Whatever the reason, I just love this painting!
    When I first opened the packaging, I was blown away by its colours and sheer beauty.
    I am so happy I bought myself a Birthday present

    • Adam Young

      Thank you carole!

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