12 reviews for Solid

  1. Kathryn Brown

    LOVE this!!

    • Adam Young

      🙂 thanks!

  2. Kyle Callahan

    Love it, it’s so fun!

  3. Ashley Fillmore

    I am absolutely in love with this piece! I can’t wait to have it framed and show it off. Looking forward to getting more of these! They are beautiful.

  4. dan and shelley

    we love your art but of course the one that we would really like , is the “solid”. Is it at all possible to get one?

  5. Shelley

    Love this piece…is it still possible to purchase??

  6. Janet Battaglio

    Your imagination and creativity are unsurpassed…..

  7. Francene

    I really, really love this. Do you sell it as a paper print? Adam, you should paint scenes from Cape Breton as well. Come visit anytime and bring your paint brushes with you! Again, Kim’s mom, Francene Gillis. Soon, I will have one of your prints; this, I think my favourite so far. You are gifted!

    • Adam Young

      Hi Francine! Thanks so much 🙂 I would love to come to CB to paint…someday! The paper print of this piece has actually totally sold out.

  8. Angela Bánhidi

    What a shame. You don’t ship to my new home country of New Zealand. I love “solid” and was hoping to start a collection of your work.

  9. Natalie

    We received our canvas last week and absolutely love it! The details completely bring the octopus to life. Thank you so much for what you do Adam! Can’t wait until we’re able to order another

    • Adam Young

      Thank you so much for the support Natalie!

  10. Gillian and Troy

    Just received this 24” x 32” “Solid” painting from friends of ours for my husband’s 50th birthday. What an incredible piece. It will be passed on down through the generations of our family.
    Your art brings such warmth, colour and most of all the ability to escape into a different world for a few moments every time we look at it!
    Thank you so much for making this possible Mr. Young!

    • Adam Young

      Thank you so much!!

  11. Yvonne Walker

    Are there any left, I prefer canvas, but will take paper. I am so in love with your work.


  12. Frances Smeets

    I bought the print Solid thinking the animal was a squid. Now I am thinking it is an octopus. Can you advise?

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