The Big Land



4 reviews for The Big Land

  1. Sarah

    This piece is stunning! Absolutely beautiful. Even more gorgeous in person!!

  2. Rhonda Larsen

    As a Labradorian this work makes me oh so homesick. Love it

  3. suzanne winder

    Love your work!!! My niece lives in Ottawa and I am sending her the link to your site. I am going to tell her that she must go to your show and buy me something! You are very talented.

  4. Jennifer Porteous

    This painting sweeps the heart upwards for me and each element in nature, water, land, sky has its own essence, meaning, power and strength. Discovered your work on Instagram and it has brought my heart so much joy. Great way to start a slow morning with a cup of coffee and such beautiful colours and lines. Will be back to look some more before I fill my cart! Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.

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