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  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Beautiful! The photos do not do this painting justice! The colours are so vibrant and the colours and style of the painting for the cod make it look life-like. A must have for any Newfie who knows that this fish is the most beautiful of all!

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Jennifer!!

  2. Michelle Barrett

    From the first piece I saw of the Underwater Series, I knew I had to own a piece or two. I was wrong though, I instead bought 4 pieces! Vibrant. Lifelike. Stunning. You can’t go wrong with a piece like the Codfish 🙂

    • Adam Young

      🙂 Thanks for the support Michelle!

  3. Geoff Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful work. It’s more impressive in person!

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Geoff!

  4. Jody

    I’ve been eyeing this print for so long. Would love to have one day. My father is a fisherman and he supported our family for many many years fishing different kinds of species. To me this piece portrays how the cod fish is symbolic in NL fishing history of ‘holding up’ so many families like mind on this wonderful island. I absolutely love it!

  5. Shaun Younker, peo

    I consider this your master piece, well done Adam

    • Adam Young

      Thank you Shaun

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