The Little Red Shed Children’s Book


Books ordered online will be signed by both Adam and Jennifer.

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10 reviews for The Little Red Shed Children’s Book

  1. Lisa Profitt

    Hi Adam, I’m feeling almost as excited as you all are. I’m making my purchase right now.

    • Adam Young

      Thank you so much for the support Lisa!!

  2. Debbie

    Looking forward to this book for my grandchildren!

    • Adam Young

      Thanks Debbie!!

  3. Edna Janes

    Purchasing 3 books for my husbands three great nieces children who were born and raised in Corner Brook and one for my grandkids here in Toronto. So very excited for you and your wife. All the best Edna(your mom’s cousin)

    • Adam Young

      Hi Edna!!

  4. Shelley stagg

    This book is awesome! Glad that I can share my east coast history with my kids here in Alberta! Received my copies a couple of weeks ago and my kids love it! My 6 year old reads it every night before bed!!!! Great job to you guys! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  5. Cathy Smith (verified owner)

    The book is beautiful and I love the story. Can’t wait to read it to my little grandson. I was disappointed though as it says all books ordered on line would be signed by both Adam and jennifer, and mine was not signed by either.

    • Adam Young

      Sorry about that Cathy! Was it order from our website? We have signed all the copies that have come through our way, maybe we missed yours. My apologies!!

  6. Jo Davies (verified owner)

    I love your work and am thrilled that you have this book. Just ordered it for my Grandson and also the 2021 calendar in hope’s that it will bring to light a more colorful and brighter year than this one.

  7. Cathy Smith (verified owner)

    Yes Adam, it was ordered from this site.

  8. Christine Kalb

    No grand babies yet but I am such a fan of your work that I need this!

  9. Karen

    I’m so excited to have a signed copy of your book to read to my grandkids. I love your artwork and have one piece now and look forward to owning few more!

    • Adam Young

      Thank you so much Karen!

  10. Annie Strauss

    I have given a copy of this book to every baby I have a connection with since it was first created. My first copies of the book were autographed. I love the book and really love the artwork (Adam is one of my favourite artists) Most of all, I love the story. I think it is great messaging for every child as they learn to step into who they are as a person❤️

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